Sycamore Cycles Racing

Sycamore Cycles Racing into 2018!

Bringing XC Back: The Sycamore Cycles Racing Team


Sycamore Cycles of Western North Carolina is excited to announce the formation of the Sycamore Cycles Racing Team for 2018. Consisting of ten riders with multiple disciplines in cross country, cyclocross, and off-road gravel racing, Sycamore Racing will participate in key races throughout the area as well as regional series.


Through participation in events throughout the South East, team members will be ambassadors for the sport of cycling. Growth of new talent and education is an important part of Sycamore Racing where riders will be teachers that utilize their experience to introduce fresh ideas and encouragement for riders of all skill levels.


With a focus on being good stewards of the trail and road, the Sycamore Cycles Race Team will help foster a love for the outdoors and cycling no matter the experience level. As a leading team in the South East, Sycamore Racing will set examples of healthy living while creating excitement for a sport that can be enjoyed no matter your stage in life. Cycling needs to be welcoming and there is no better place than at Sycamore Racing.


Promotion of proper riding etiquette while keeping in mind that not all user are cyclists is an important aspect of riding in Western North Carolina. In collaboration with rides promoted by Sycamore Cycles throughout the year, the team will help facilitate rides for all skill levels while helping to build confidence in riders both young and old.

As presenting sponsor, Sycamore Cycles is proud to facilitate the formation of the Sycamore Cycles Racing Team, and is excited to help grow the comradery of cycling in Western North Carolina.


112 New Hendersonville Hwy.
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

146 3rd Avenue East
Hendersonville, NC 28792