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Ready-to-Ride Service

Our goal is to get your bike back to the fun as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the amazing cycling in Western North Carolina! Whether it’s truing a wheel, repairing a derailleur, or anything in between, no repair is too big or too small. We can get your bike back on the road, gravel, or trail, so all you have to worry about is choosing where to ride!

Let our Service Team assess your bike and develop a quote for any necessary repairs. We offer a “no surprises” approach; if there’s a question about your repair or additional needs arise, we’ll communicate that to you immediately and discuss all the alternatives with you, in plain language.

All of our service technicians are experts in bicycle service. We take tremendous pride in offering only the highest quality bicycle service and repair available. You can trust us to keep your bike in top-notch condition, so that you can enjoy your ride!

Suspension Tuning

With every new bike purchase, we set up your suspension so that you can ride with confidence and efficiency. This is called the "baseline tune."

If you're desiring more out of your suspension, or have just upgraded, we additionally offer a Dynamic Suspension Tune that you can schedule. The DST goes more in depth with you and your bike. We look at things such as tire pressure, where and how you ride, and what your riding goals are. We'll go with you to your favorite trail and ride with you while fine-tuning your suspension to its full potential. Ask about it today.


Check tire & inflate to correct psi
Check wheels are straight & tight
Check front brake
Check suspension


Stem & handle bars tight
Brake / gear levers tight
Check bar tape / grips
Check headset tension
Stem & handle bar aligned

Pedals inspected
Check drive train & crank arm bolts
Check front gears

Check seatpost & clamp
Saddle tight

Check tire & inflate to correct psi
Check wheels are straight & tight
Check rear brake
Check rear gears
Check suspension

Bicycle service description

Reach out to us for any service inquiries!